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5 “Dos and Don’ts” When Preparing for an Estate Sale

5 “Dos and Don’ts” When Preparing for an Estate Sale

1. DO take out personal items and family heirlooms.

Heirlooms and sentimental items should remain with the family and close personal friends. Before an estate sale, it is recommended that these items not for sale be removed from the residence. If that is not possible, designate a space in the home (a closet, bathroom, etc) where personal items can be stored out of the way. If there are larger items that are not for sale and that will not be removed prior to the estate sale, tag your items with a Post-It Note.

2. DON’T throw away or donate anything.

Estate Sales are full of surprises and with surprises typically comes more money in your pocket. Before filling a roll-away dumpster with sellable (and surprisingly valuable items), give the experts an opportunity to sort through and attempt to sell all of your items first. You will be surprised at what sells! After an estate sale is over is the perfect time to donate or throw away items that did not sell. Check out our list of items that can be sold in an estate sale here:

3. DO consider selling everything!

We recommend not stripping your sale of the valuable and interesting items. Items such as tools, jewelry, sterling silver, antiques, collectibles, designer purses, and cars help draw a large audience of buyers, therefore increasing the value of your entire sale. Estate sale shoppers look at photographs and descriptions of items being offered and decide to shop based on the variety and quality of items included in the sale. Without having quality items to draw buyers, regardless of the volume of lower dollar items, the potential for a successful sale is limited. An estate sale company should always have your best interest at heart with the goal of selling as much as possible and ensuring you get a check back at the end of the sale.

4. DON’T have a garage sale or yard sale before you contact an estate sale company.

Believe it or not, families may be doing themselves a disservice by first selling many of their small items at their own garage or yard sale. A successful estate sale is dependent on a wide variety of available items. Furniture is not the “big seller” at an estate sale. Instead, it is the smaller items that bring typically 75-90% of the value. By selling the small items first, families may limit the number of companies who can help sell the remaining items. If the majority of items left are furniture and other large items, many estate sales are unable to assist.

5. DO interview more than one company.

It is recommended that you speak to more than one estate sale company before signing a contract. There are many different types of estate sale professionals out there, many who bring their own special experience, knowledge, and process. Although traditional estate sales are often desired due to their popularity over time, interview companies who also offer online auction estate sale services. Be sure to ask them about the benefits of each. In today’s day and age it is important to ensure the company you hire has a strong online presence. Be sure to research their website, read their Google Reviews, look at their social media (Facebook and Instagram), and make sure they are listed as Gold Members on both Estatesales.net and Estatesales.org.

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