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Estate Sale Alternatives

Estate Sale Alternatives

Moving, downsizing, or liquidating an estate of a loved one can be an overwhelming process.  For some families, the idea of hiring a company to conduct an estate sale can be stressful. For some, estate sales may feel impersonal and invasive. We have compiled a list of estate sale alternatives. 

Consignment Shop

There are many local consignment stores who will sell your items on your behalf. This is a great option if you have mostly furniture items to sell. Send your pictures to the consignment shop via email or through a portal on their website and they will let you know which items they will accept in their store. Some consignment shops will also offer to pick up your items for a fee. Consignment shops will price your items and will pay you a percentage of the sale price once the item is sold. 

Charity Donation

There are many wonderful charity and donation centers out there that will accept your usable items. Many donation centers will even pick up directly from your house. However, many do require items be packed up in boxes or bags ahead of time. Simply pack up your items, call a donation center to let them know how many boxes and furniture pieces you have, and schedule your pick up. 

Garage/ Yard Sale

Having your own garage or yard sale may be an option for some families. This eliminates the commission fee associated with hiring a company to conduct an estate sale. When having your own garage sale, be sure to advertise your sale online with dates, pictures, and the location of the sale. Posting pictures of the items in your advertisement is a great way to ensure a successful sale. People will want to know what items are offered before they decide to drive to the sale. Pricing items is also important. Price items of value adequately, but not too high where they won’t sell (especially if the goal is to sell everything!). Make sure to have cash on hand to give change back to customers. It is also very common and recommended to accept mobile payments such as Venmo or PayPal.

Junk Hauling

There are many Junk Hauling companies out there who can help remove items from your home. Hauling companies can help remove one single item or clean out a full residence. Hauling companies can provide a solution for residents with older, out-dated furniture and other items that no longer can be used or hold any value. However, as some older styles of furniture are making a return in the vintage market, we recommend speaking to an appraiser or estate sale professional before deciding to “junk” certain items. Hauling companies typically charge by the size of the load. 

Online Auction

Online Auctions are a great alternative to a traditional estate sale. Online auction companies provide a solution to those families who have many items to sell but are wary about having a public sale at their residence. Since shoppers are able to shop online from the comfort of their home, online auctions respectfully preserve the property. Rather than opening your home to the public for up to 7 days, you only need to allow access to the online auction company (usually a team of 2-6 people) so they can create an online auction catalog. After the conclusion of the auction, only customers who have purchased items will report to the home for removal day to pick up their items with the company’s assistance. Because of the nature of an online auction, companies typically sell 97%, if not more, of the items listed in the auction. This includes your valuable items (jewelry, sterling silver, collectibles, etc) as well as your towels, cleaning products, and more! Online auctions provide transparency for the homeowner. You can view the auction online before, during, and after completion of the sale. After the online auction has completed, you will receive a detailed overview of each item with its sold price.  Read more about the benefits of an online auction estate sale here:  https://tampa.ezdownsizing.com/services/

In some instances, a combination of the above services may be the best solution for your family. For example, upon completion of an online auction, there may be a few items left that require a Hauling Company’s assistance. Before throwing away, donating, or “junking” any items, please contact one of our estate sale professionals for a free consultation. You’d be surprised at what items can be sold in an online auction. 

Do you need help with downsizing and estate sales? Consult us first so we can help you save money, make money, and reach your ultimate goal of clearing out your residence in a safe, affordable, and stress-free way. 

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