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We know it can be a daunting task to downsize or liquidate an estate. Whether you’re the owner, executor of an estate, heir, fiduciary (person who has responsibility), or attorney, you can trust our experienced, licensed, bonded, and insured team to assist you in creating a personalized plan for your estate sale needs.

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Online-Auction Estate Sale Services

The demand for online estate sale auctions has grown exponentially in recent years as more people look for a comprehensive solution that allows them to completely liquidate all items for sale, leaving the residence almost completely empty! In the online era we live in, there is no need to open the home to hundreds of shoppers. Shoppers from around the world who are interested in purchasing particular items can conveniently search online and competitively bid from their phone or computer. At the conclusion of the auction, local winning bidders sign up for a pick-up time and remove the items they’ve won. We also ship smaller items to customers who are not local. We do all the work by taking photos of your items, cataloging them, writing detailed descriptions, uploading the auction to the website, advertising, and providing staff to assist buyers in safely removing the items they’ve won so that you can enjoy a stress-free auction experience.


The benefits of an online auction over a traditional estate sale include:

Interested in conducting your own seller-managed online auction?

Seller-Managed Online Auction

Interested in conducting your own seller-managed online auction? Our innovative online auction software is specifically designed to enable you to create, manage and execute your very own online auction. Whether it’s an estate sale online auction, benefit online auction, or even a yard/garage sale online auction, we will provide you with the necessary training and tools to make you look and feel like a pro! Download our Mobile Auction Method app on your smartphone or tablet and begin processing your items for online auction today!

Take a day to process your items, a week, or longer. Once you’re ready for the auction to go live let us know and we will review it with you, launch it, and ensure it gets the marketing exposure it deserves! We provide you the link to your auction so you can share it via your own social media networks and online resources. At the conclusion of the auction, we immediately process the winning bidders’ payment via their credit card on file. We provide you with winning bidder’s invoices so you may identify their items purchased and assist them in retrieving their goods during your scheduled pickup hours. It’s that easy!

Within seven business days of the auction close, we will send you a check and a settlement sheet with a full accounting of the auction results. 

Only have a few items to sell?


We have professional appraisers on staff who can assess and accept your items by appointment for inclusion into one of our gallery auctions. Items we typically accept for consignment include but are not limited to:

Interested in a traditional estate sale service?

Traditional Estate Sale

The term ‘estate sale’ has taken on a generic meaning to include moving sales and downsizing sales which are conducted out of the home or residence. ezDownsizing.com offers a free in-home consultation to speak with you about your specific situation and how our estate sale process may benefit you. We understand the need for an estate sale can be the product of a traumatic or unpleasant circumstance and we approach each seller with that compassion in mind. We understand in most cases the items being sold are not just merchandise, but memories.

ezDownsizing.com has a team of experts trained to maximize the value of your assets through proper staging of the home, researching and appraising the values of the items offered for sale. We also ensure your sale is marketed to target the right buyers. Our certified appraiser research and price items relative to their market value with the goal being to the maximize the return to the seller while providing a reasonable price for the buyer. Prices are typically discounted on the second and subsequent days of the sale to maintain buyer interest. Estate sales can run anywhere from two days to several weekends, depending on the volume and value of the items to be sold, and constraints on seller timelines. Contact us today to schedule a free in-home consultation.

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